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Ammonia Valves

We are the reputed Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers of Ammonia Valves. Ammonia Valves meet special demands of refrigeration and industrial acclimatization systems on valve & fittings within the refrigeration cycle such as high external tightness and good possibility of insulation require special valve construction. We meet these demands. We offer a complete program of Ammonia Valves for industrial refrigeration.

The Main Parameters Of Ammonia Valves Series Are
  • Working Temperature : (-50oC to 120oC)
  • Working Pressure : 365 PSIG (25 Bar)
  • Size Range : 6 to 300 mm.
  • Body material : C. I. /Cast Steel
  • Working Media : Ammonia, Freon. Ref. machine oils, neutral gaseous & liquid media.
  • Material as per I.S. 11132-1985
  • Body : Closed grain cast iron/ Cast steel.
  • Stem : Mild steel/ Stainless steel
  • Stem sealing : Asbestos/non asbestos gland packing.
  • Sealing faces : Tin alloy (white metal)/ PTFE (Teflon)
  • Hand wheel : C.I/ Mild steel

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